Prayer and Encouraging Sign from the Lord at the Border of North Korea


Prayer and Encouraging Sign from the Lord at the Border of North Korea

By Rick Ridings on July 8th, 2017

My friend Dutch Sheets sent out a call to prayer and prophetic word concerning North Korea yesterday on July 7th.  That same day, I was with a team at the border of North Korea to pray.  I had been speaking for a conference in Seoul, and the Lord had spoken beforehand to go after my speaking to the DMZ, the “Demilitarized Zone” along the cease-fire line that became the border with North Korea. I have ministered in conferences in South Korea many times in the past seven years, but never felt I had a release from the Lord to go to the DMZ.  But this time, I felt a compulsion to go there for a specific ‘prophetic action’.

We went as a group of five, including a pastor who had escaped from North Korea, and who leads a church in the area near the DMZ.  Two other local Korean pastors joined us there, making a team of seven praying on 7.7 on the Gregorian calendar and during the year 5777 on the Hebrew calendar.

I felt strongly that I was to drop a plumb line there, and proclaim from Isaiah 28:14-18 over the regime of North Korea.  These verses speak of floods of water ”overflowing” hidden lies, exposing them and sweeping them away.  It says that the flood will come in waves like a whip against those evil rulers, and annul their covenant with death. 

When I proclaimed the same verses in Washington, D.C., in January 2016  (Patti and I were leading worship in “David’s Tent”, a place of 24/7 worship and prayer at the base of the Washington Monument), I stated that flooding would happen in Washington as a sign that the Lord would do this spiritually.  Immediately afterward, heavy rains started, and the next day the Washington newspapers reported flooding there, and soon after that many political secrets were exposed.  

The same thing happened along the DMZ region bordering with North Korea!  As I finished proclaiming these spiritual floods to expose the lies and sweep away the North Korean regime, a heavy downpour of rain started (during a time they had been experiencing unusual drought), and the next day, the news reported flooding in that area along the DMZ.

I had taken a small piece of the Berlin Wall that I threw over the barbed wire face declaring that the same LORD who brought down the Berlin Wall and Soviet communism in a sudden surprise, would bring down the barrier between North and South Korea to reunite them and bring healing to the Land.

I was in prayer conferences in Germany during the time preceding the reunification of Germany.  I had heard their sincere confession of the sins of their forefathers and their nation towards the Jewish people.  And we proclaimed at that time, as they had humbled themselves in many corporate gatherings and confessed the sins of the nation (as in 2 Chronicles 7:14), that the LORD would heal their divided land as He promised. 

I have now been in, and know of, many conferences where South Koreans have confessed the sins of their nation, and felt this was the time I was to proclaim that the LORD has heard and will bring about the reunification of Korea with a sudden event. Only afterward, did I find out that Dutch Sheets had sent out on the same day we prayed at the DMZ (July 7th) a prayer alert where he explained that he had recently prophesied in South Korea that “…the man-made barrier between North and South Korea would be removed, and the rebirth/rebuilding/ restoration of all of Korea would happen so amazingly fast that it would be a sign and a wonder to the world”.

I believe that Satan would love to use North Korea to bring great devastation upon the world, and to hinder the LORD’s calling on all of Korea to be a great missionary sending nation, especially impacting the Middle East.  But our God is greater!  Let us pray for His plumb line of justice and righteousness to continue to be extended over North Korea, for His floods to expose their regime’s lies, to “annul its covenant with death”, and to bring about its collapse and the liberation of North Koreans to worship the LORD.  Let us pray for all of Korea to be one reunited, healed and mighty missionary sending nation!

Rick Ridings