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Now the daughter of Pharaoh came down to bathe at the river, while her young women walked beside the river. She saw the basket among the reeds and sent her servant woman, and she took it.” (Exodus 2:5)

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King Pharaoh purposefully ordered to kill every Hebrew baby boy in order to wipe out the Israelites. Even though many Hebrew baby boys were drowned, his ultimate purpose was failed, instead he helped Israel to be born as a nation to fulfil God's eternal purpose.

One day king Pharaoh’s daughter went down to bathe at the river Nile. She saw a basket in the river and found a Hebrew baby boy. She not only rescued him but also adopted him as her son, even though her father Pharaoh had ordered his people to throw every new-born Hebrew baby boy into the river to be drowned.

1. If we insist on pursuing our pre-planned purpose, we might miss this basket
The ultimate purpose of Pharaoh’s daughter was to bathe in the Nile but she rescued a Hebrew baby boy and adopted him. If we insist on pursuing our pre-planned purpose or normal routine, we might miss this basket or dismiss it. Therefore sometimes we have to stop and dismiss our initial purpose when we see the basket with the baby in it.

2. If we don’t have desire or dream, we will live by routine or by obligation.
Although it was against her father’s authority, she treasured the baby boy. We don’t know why and how she rebelled against her father’s order but she must have had a stronger desire or longing than the order. She might have been barren or longing for a son for long time. So her deep desire and longing led to her dismissing not only her initial purpose but also her father’s order. If we don’t have that kind of desire or dream, we will live by routine or by obligation.

3. His purpose was smashed by his brothers but the purpose of God was fulfilled
Joseph was sent to Shechem by his father to find out his brothers’ situation. But shockingly he was thrown into a pit and sold by his brothers at Dothan. Instead of returning to his father in Hebron, he was taken to Egypt as a slave. In the end, as we know, he became Prime Minister of Egypt and saved his whole family. His purpose was completely crushed by his brothers’ hatred but the eternal purpose of God was fulfilled by it.

4. Knowing God can change our purpose, our lives, and the history of man
David was sent to the Valley of Elah by his father to take some food to his brothers and to bring back their news. He didn’t go there to fight against Goliath but he was stirred up when he heard the giant defy the army of God. In the end, he fought the Philistine giant Goliath and beheaded him. He saved Israel and demonstrated the God of Israel. His purpose and his life were changed because of the challenger Goliath and because of knowing God.

5. Ruth went to the field to glean grain but she was gleaned by Boaz
2020 08_ruthA young Moabite widow Ruth went to the field in Bethlehem to glean grain to feed her mother-in-law Naomi, although it wasn’t easy for the Gentile woman. That was her genuine purpose for the love of Naomi. But in the end, she was “gleaned” by Boaz and married to him through listening to Naomi although she didn’t understand her instructions. She became an ancestor of David and Jesus.

6. God uses our purposes to fulfil His eternal purpose
Likewise, God uses our purposes to fulfil his eternal purpose, even if our purposes are delayed, ignored, dismissed, deleted or changed by other people or situations, or by knowing God. Therefore we must not insist on our initial purpose nor be upset, nor disappointed, if it is changed, ignored, dismissed, or deleted. Instead let us listen to the Lord to know Him and respond to Him, so that his eternal purposes may be fulfilled.



[ Intercessory Story & Journey of Faith ]

1. Travelling to Egypt and Korea in the Middle of Pandemic Covid-19

Moses was born when Pharaoh ordered every Hebrew baby boy to be killed. God must have had wrong timing to send Moses and made a big mistake. But it might be God’s time when we think it is the wrong time for us. If Moses wasn’t born at that time, he would be a well-tamed Hebrew slave. Because he was born in the middle of death, instead of being thrown into the river, he was put in the river in a carefully made basket and became a Prince of Egypt and began dreaming of the liberation of Hebrew slaves.

Even though Covid-19 has been surging in the world and fear of death has been threatening us, God has got his own way to fulfil his eternal purposes. Therefore we have to conceive or receive the Word of God, give birth, hide and make a suitable basket to release into the river of death. We must not throw him straight into the river without the basket or hide him at home too long, nor take him to a mountain. After releasing him from our hands, we have to trust entirely to God’s hands. Then, God guides the basket to the right place to fulfil his eternal purposes. So I went to Egypt and came to Korea in the middle of Covid-19.

Some Americans say that the Chinese created Covid-19 and instigated the spreading out, whereas the Chinese government blames America. Whoever created it, they cannot fulfil their ultimate purposes. Because God is above all and he fulfils his eternal purposes through our purposes.


2020 08_egypt2. Journey to Egypt: Greater love has no one than this
My British Egyptian friend has been suffering from cancer and kidney failure for months. In the end, he started dialysis in Wales just a week before he flew out to Egypt to see his family. I knew it was very difficult for him travelling alone with two big suitcases. Initially I offered him to drive to Heathrow airport. But in the end, I went to Egypt with him and stayed with his family for two weeks in his village. I met his entire family and his friends - about 100 people. It was very hot; around 40ºC every day. I became mute and deaf among them because of the language and the culture, but I didn’t mind being there because the Lord wanted me to be with him.

While I was hesitant to go to Egypt, the Lord spoke to me, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13) I already heard that Egypt was one of the worst countries with Covid-19 and the medical service was poor. That’s why I was hesitant but it was clear for me when I decided to give my life to my friend.


3. Unexpected Extended Journeys
Even though I decided to go to Egypt, initially I only intended to stay overnight at Cairo airport, then take my return flight to the UK the next morning. But my friend asked me to come with him to stay at his house for a week at least. The Lord had already told me, “And if anyone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. Give to the one who begs from you, and do not refuse the one who would borrow from you.” (Matthew 5:41) In the end I stayed there for two weeks.


4. Meeting with MBB(Moslem Background Believer)s and their Testimonies
I needed to stay one night in Cairo before flying back to the UK, so I contacted an Egyptian friend of mine who really welcomed me. And in the end, I joined their underground church’s three day conference. It was amazing. Most of the believers were Moslems and found Jesus as the Son of God and the Messiah. I was so encouraged and challenged by their life-full testimonies with painful sufferings.

* One brother studied in the most famous Islamic University Al-Azhar in Cairo, then went to one of EU countries as an Imam (like a pastor). But he found that the people were so kind and gentle. So he searched why they are so different from the Moslems, and through his searching, he found Jesus. Five years later, he came back home and shared the Good news with his family. His family thought he had a mental problem, so they put him into a mental hospital four times. He had electric shocks and was forced to take a lot of pills. Now he fled from his family to live in a factory that one of the believers runs.

* Another brother was a very radical Moslem like IS(Islamic State). But he saw that twenty one Egyptian Coptic Christians were beheaded by IS in Libya in 2015. He started thinking of their faith because they did not deny their faith although IS persuaded them for more than 40 days to deny Jesus. It really shocked him and he thought that they must have had the truth. So he found Jesus through searching for the truth. Also he was baptised on the second day with two others in the conference.


5. It was a such privilege to be there among them
Our Heavenly Father gave me the amazing privilege to be with my Moslem friend and his entire family for two weeks and with Moslem Background Believers for a few days. Also he has provided my financial needs abundantly. * Please keep praying for my friend’s health and heart, also MBBs who have been persecuted but growing strong in Him and the truth. Thank you so much those who prayed and provided.


6. Fear of the Lord or Fear of the man or Covid-19
We are easily driven by fear of man or things, but we have to be led by the fear of the Lord. Two midwives were not afraid of king Pharaoh’s command to kill the Hebrew baby boys. Instead they let them live because they feared the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. (Ex 1:17) The governments, under pressure from Covid-19, have been drastically altering our lifestyles. But they won’t last forever, whereas our God is eternal. They can only kill our body but not our soul and spirit.


7. Hydroxychloroquine & Remdesivir ?
2020 08_covid_19_mediWhy wouldn’t many doctors recommend Hydroxychloroquine, even though it cured many early Covid-19 patients? What are we waiting for in lockdown or self-isolation until the vaccine arrives? Possibly there are those who want to see more chaos and more violence, so that they can set up a New World Order and control us more easily without the current governments.

* The cost of Remdesivir for 5 days pay £1,900 (per dose £318), whereas Hydroxychloroquine for 5 days £6: (per dose £0.6 and need to take 2 dose per day).

* So many people have been using Hydroxychloroquine for 60 years to treat malaria and autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus and inflammatory arthritis, etc..


8. Covering up & Exposure : Jeffry Epstein’s death and Seoul Mayor’s death
10th August 2019, Jeffery Epstein was found unresponsive in his prison cell. He was taken to hospital and later pronounced dead. The financier's death, described by authorities as 'apparent suicide', came as yet another blow for the trail of victims he'd left in his wake, denying them one last time of the justice they so desperately sought. (Read more...)

Last month, the mayor of South Korean capital Seoul committed suicide. He had recently been named in a sexual harassment scandal, but there are more underlying political issues which are being covered up. God will expose the hidden things and they will be ashamed greatly. In that day everything will be uncovered like naked in front of Him. (Read more...)


2020 08_choomoon9. South Korean Government Democratic or Authoritarian Dictatorship?
The South Korean government is supposedly democratic, but their current behaviour seems more like a dictatorship. Since the ruling party won two thirds of the Members of Parliament, they have brought forward bills and forced them through without discussing with the opposition parties. Also the Minister of Justice has been demoting senior prosecutors without reason, after their involvement in prosecuting those who are connected to the current government including the president. We have seen this kind of dictatorship during two previous Korean military governments. As well as the death of Seoul’s mayor, the following list of incidents also points to cover up and perversion of justice: Busan city deputy mayor’s corruption; the mayor of Ulsan’s election corruption; the former Minister of Justice’s family corruption, etc..



[ The Forge Family News Update ]

1. Building Local Relationships
2020 08_owensaOwen has been building, fixing and working a lot at his mum’s properties during this lockdown time. Also Seungae has applied for her spouse visa and now is driving her own car, a VW Beetle. Owen has been meeting and spending time with some young local friends. It is really great to see him building relationships so organically.


2. Adding Forge Fire
During this coronavirus pandemic time, we haven’t had a lot of people around at Forge house. But we have a precious Korean worshiper and intercessor from Jerusalem. She was on the way to Israel but because of Covid-19, she has been denied entry for a while. Of course she didn’t make this plan to stay this long but she has been with us more than a month and she has brought the fire of God from Jerusalem. We are going to have an English Jewish lady visiting at the end of August.


3. Rhythm of Life
We still meet every morning as a family for devotional time and after that we meet two or three adults to praise and worship, pray and intercede. Every Wednesday morning at 7:30am, about 6-7 local brothers meet on the internet to share our lives and pray for individuals and national and global issues.


4. Wedding and Travelling to England & Scotland
Our beautiful sister Narae is getting married on 29th August. She has waited a long time for this wonderful moment. So I and Noah are travelling to Korea on 13th August. We have to take a 14 days self-isolation (after I had already 14 days self-isolation in Wales.) It will be quite an interesting time for me and Noah. God has provided a one room apartment near to Seoul Incheon airport. Thank God and the provider. Bridget and Yohan are driving up to North England and Scotland to see her mum and her dad. Also on the way back to Wales they will visit Vivien and Geof in York in England. It will be a lot of driving for Bridget. Please pray for her and Yohan.


2020 08_babies5. Increase and Multiply
Jihey & Wooseong in Seoul and Jisook and Myungsoo in LA have given birth to babies very recently. Please pray for them to be good parents. Also Momin and James have had their 3rd child, a girl. Egyptian Bassam, who did one of our early Forge Schools, and his wife Rosie have had their first child. Many blessings to all the parents! * (Please pray for the parents to bring their children up in the Grace and Truth of God. Also please pray for those who have been waiting for their children.)


6. Faithful Jogger
I am very impressed that Noah has been jogging every morning except on Saturday, even while I wasn’t here, he still has been jogging. So I am now challenged and started jogging even I am in self-isolation in my bedroom.



 (* I am sorry for sending this newsletter now because my laptop computer died when I came back from Korea on 7th September.)


[ Qday Music Album: “Tomorrow Never Comes!” ]

2019 09_tmrwnvrcmIt took four years to complete this music album with help from many musicians and artists including prayers and finances. It wasn’t easy for me, but I wasn’t alone, so I was able to complete it. This isn’t perfect but I have obeyed what God had told me to do so as Moses made a bronze serpent.

- You Tube links:

1. Tomorrow Never Comes!
2. The Only Way
3. Beginning & End
4. Enough
5. The Most Beautiful Thing
6. Set Free
7. Let Your Kingdom Come

8. Like a Rock

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